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Featured Kit Packer


Meet Kristin Finch – she is the Outreach & eGroups Director for Elevation Church Toronto and is a Kit packing aficionado! We recently sat down with Kristin *virtually* to understand [...]

Featured Kit Packer2020-09-16T13:26:36-05:00



They say good things come in threes and we couldn't agree more! In three easy steps, Kits for a Cause makes THREE major impact points: (1) within people that [...]

TAK3 ACTION X KITS FOR A CAUSE2020-09-16T12:59:33-05:00

To Intern or not to Intern


To Intern or not to Intern **Note - we're now offering virtual internships due to COVID-19 Written by Jenna Ghassabeh My experience at Kits for a Cause and how it [...]

To Intern or not to Intern2020-06-24T13:19:23-05:00

Exciting New Partnership – Toy Mountain


With only 6 weeks left until Christmas the Kits for a Cause team is THRILLED to announce our new partnership with Toy Mountain! For over 15 years, The Bargains Group [...]

Exciting New Partnership – Toy Mountain2018-11-12T11:54:42-05:00

We help you pack impact into each Kit!


We help you pack impact into each Kit! Written by Chehak Sharma Every day, we witness homelessness on the streets, read about youth engaged in violence and drugs epidemic more [...]

We help you pack impact into each Kit!2018-10-10T08:34:45-05:00

The Period Talk


Periods are uncomfortable, painful, irritating and overall an inconvenience to anyone who experiences them. The reality however for many women across the country is that getting their period doesn't just [...]

The Period Talk2018-06-07T22:27:35-05:00

Employee Engagement is Good for Business


The world has come a long way from the days of 9-5 office jobs with cubicles and stiff suits. Businesses are changing their approach by emphasizing teamwork, communication, work-life balance [...]

Employee Engagement is Good for Business2018-05-29T12:49:54-05:00

Basic Necessities Are Not A Uniform


Try to imagine how intimidating coming to a new country would be? You may not speak the language, have any friends or family to rely on, plus you could also [...]

Basic Necessities Are Not A Uniform2017-07-23T13:19:06-05:00

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