Abuse Hurts

Location: Newmarket,

We provide support to women and children leaving a shelter and starting over again with items such as clothing, hygiene, and personal care supplies, back to school supplies, holiday gifts, bedding and linen, household items and furniture. In addition to this, we ship out large amounts of clothing and furniture to partner agencies. We work very closely with the First Nations community, with women who have been abused or trafficked. It’s a part of our mandate to create safe and healthy environments, therefore we help with renovations within shelters as well. Our signature makeover day provides the pampering that every woman deserves; groups of eight women are provided a full makeover experience; hair, makeup, and nails. It’s a fun day of selecting some beautiful outfits too!
We believe that every child should have a fun and joyful experience with their family – so we’ve created a Wish program that allows families to be able to enjoy carefree fun that’s taken care of. This could be as simple as dinner and movie, or as big as a day at an amusement park!
It’s important that every member of the family is able to get back on their feet, therefore we also provide men with clothing and toiletries.
We believe that the earliest stage of abuse is when a full-term baby is discarded. In the tragic instance that a baby is discarded, we provide the baby with a name, burial service and list their name on momentum, so that no one is forgotten.

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