Accompany Now! – Program of RCHP Affordable Housing Corporation

Location: Highland Park,

Accompany Now! provides home studies and post-release services to unaccompanied minors – that is, children who have crossed the US border without a parent or guardian, or who have become separated from that parent/guardian.

Home studies may be conducted before a child is released from Office of Refugee Resettlement custody into the care of a “sponsor,” usually a parent, family member, or family friend, in order to assess the safety and appropriateness of the home for the child. Once a child is placed with a family, Accompany Now! Case Managers deliver and connect families with post -release services, including:

    • Assistance obtaining an immigration attorney at low or no cost (depending on family income).
    • Information and referral for assistance with legal guardianship.
    • Information and advocacy to enroll the child in school or other educational program including language services (ESL, ESOL).
    • Safety and permanency planning.
    • Referral and information about low cost, local, linguistically and culturally appropriate services in the following areas:
      • medical and dental services
      • parenting skills and resources
      • independent living skills
      • individual and family counseling
      • substance abuse treatment and prevention to address past or current use of drugs/alcohol
      • reproductive health and family planning
      • services for adults/children with a disability
      • gang prevention services

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