Anishnabeg Outreach Employment and Training

Location: Kitchener,

Anishnabeg Outreach (AO) is an incorporated non-profit organization guided by a volunteer Board of Directors. We work primarily with the non-profit sector and are guided by a clear mission and set of values. We provide Indigenous people with access to culturally appropriate services and strive to support individuals with direction and assistance to overcome barriers. We encourage individual exploration of avenues that will lead to self-sufficiency and success. We offer a centralized space for Indigenous people to grow, learn, and to be a beacon for future generations. A place where we involve the entire person – including their families and their connections. Before moving on to our dreams, it is important to remember and reflect on our roots and our growth. We are Indigenous, we are
holistic, we are motivated … and that is what it will take to lead the next generation to the 8th Fire.

Our organization, led by an Indigenous CEO and supported by Indigenous employees and board members, is deeply connected to Indigenous communities. We prioritize delivering culturally appropriate, accessible, and trauma-informed programs, particularly in early years and community services. Through ongoing consultation and a commitment to understanding historical trauma and systemic issues, we strive to create safe and empowering spaces for Indigenous individuals.

When a positive space is provided to people who can feel like their voices are being heard and that their voices matter, with access to programs and services, Indigenous persons are given the chance for equal opportunity. In collaboration with Indigenous community members and agency staff, Anishnabeg Outreach aims to develop culturally sensitive programs tailored to the needs and preferences of Indigenous families. Offering these programs virtually or in person, and free of charge, we aim to eliminate financial barriers and ensure equitable access for all. Through these initiatives, we aspire to empower Indigenous families, fostering holistic wellness and a sense of belonging within their communities

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