Bridging Access to Care

Location: Brooklyn,
New York

Bridging Access to Care is a non-profit multi-service, community-based organization founded in 1985. The Prevention Education Department has served the Brooklyn community for over 35 years; providing innovative, cutting edge, fun, educational workshops. We also provide services for Behavioral Health; Bridging Access to Care operates an Office of Mental Health (OMH) Licensed Outpatient Clinic offering comprehensive services to clients who have a range of mental health problems. The program’s objective is to improve health outcomes through symptom management/stabilization.
The Health Homes Program is a component of the New Health Care Reform (Obama Care) and is paid for through Medicaid. The Health Homes Program could benefit you if you are on Medicaid and have any one of the following chronic medical conditions including but not limited to: heart disease, asthma, hypertension, HIV/AIDS, substance use, diabetes, mental health illness and high cholesterol. BAC’s Coordinated Care Program offers an integrated care model that provides a holistic approach for individuals and families living with or affected by HIV/AIDS or individuals who are not HIV positive but may suffer from chronic illnesses such as heart disease, hypertension and diabetes with the potential risk of using the emergency department for receiving care. BAC also provides supportive services for Housing, nd PrEP & Pep.

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