Christie Ossington Neigbourhood Centre

Location: Toronto,

Mission & Vision

The Christie Ossington Neighbourhood Centre is dedicated to building upon the strengths and vision of community members to improve the quality of life in the Christie Ossington community and surrounding neighbourhoods. By working in collaboration with residents, community institutions, agencies, local businesses and stakeholders, we will create a safe and healthy community.

We will achieve our mission by:

  • Engaging the skills and talents of community members of all ages
  • Recognizing that our greatest strengths and potential as a community exist within our cultural, ethnic and racial diversity
  • Providing forums and opportunities for co-ordinated community planning, economic development and employment in our community
  • Supporting the educational and social development of our community’s children and youth
  • Building upon the innovative ideas of residents, partners and stakeholders to find solutions to the challenges we face as a community
  • Working together with community institutions, agencies and stakeholders to build our community capacity
  • Making full use of community resources such as schools, recreation centres, parks and community spaces
  • Engaging in this work with a sense of joy and appreciation for each other

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