Church of the Holy Trinity

Location: Toronto,

Unity Kitchen is a community hub in the downtown core that takes a multi-level approach to community life, volunteering, advocacy, and direct support for our downtown neighbourhood. Emerging out of a partnership between the Church of the Holy Trinity and Toronto Urban Native Ministry to address Covid-19 related food-insecurity and resource gaps in Toronto’s downtown east, we offer a daily lunch service, survival and harm reduction supply distribution, system navigation, referrals, and spiritual and emotional peer support to over 130 community members Tuesday to Friday. We prioritize holistic and anti-oppressive approaches to person-centered care. Our volunteer base is largely composed of individuals who are members of the communities we serve who work collaboratively with staff to create a safe(r) and accessible space. In partnership with a number of different organizations in the Black, Indigenous, Trans, and Street-Involved communities, Unity Kitchen serves as a resource hub to support their programming and direct outreach work.

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