City Dream Centre Society

Location: Surrey,
British Columbia

City Dream Centre provides practical help through education, training, counselling, school support, hunger and dental relief programs. They help the marginalized find hope and give them a place where they are seen and accepted. City Dream Centre is a place where Hope Dignity and Value exist for everyone.

Current operations include the Adopt-a-School program that partners with local school boards to support kids and families from inner-city schools who are dealing with a variety of issues related to poverty. The program includes regular food hampers, 3400 wrapped gifts for kids at Christmas and Pre-Teen noon hour mentoring programs that provide education and support to help equip at risk youth against the lure of gangs and traffickers. Every August there is a Back-to-School event that helps parents prepare for the new school year. There are backpacks with school supplies, a free pop-up clothing shop, free kid’s haircuts, food hampers, a hot lunch, fun kid’s activities, and manicures for moms. Throughout the school year there is support for teachers and staff who carry such a burden for the vulnerable families in their schools.

City Dream Center offers education programs in the community, local prisons and recovery homes. They currently include “Parenting, “Boundaries”, and “Anger Management”

The organization has two related businesses that operate as independent non-profits. For the Love of Thrifting is a boutique thrift store, operating in Surrey, whose proceeds go to City Dream Centre. City Care Dental is a mobile dental unit bringing full oral care to inner city school kids, seniors and others in need in the Lower Mainland.

The long-term goal of City Dream Centre is to have all operations under one roof, making it possible to provide many types of assistance and education, all in one location. Existing programs already provide a significant impact on our city, which currently strives to meet the needs of their large underprivileged populations. More space for operations will allow for more impact, including residential programs, expanded feeding, education and medical programs, counselling, skill development, empowerment programs and job training.

The overall vision of City Dream Centre is to be a bridge between a variety of difficult life circumstances, to a new life of self-sufficiency and hope.

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