Community Clothing Assistance

Location: Thunder Bay,

In 2006, Community Clothing Assistance (CCA) opened its doors to the disadvantaged and vulnerable families of Thunder Bay, offering community-supported clothing assistance programs to relieve poverty among people in crisis. Currently, CCA offers a range of support programs to provide those in need with a greater sense of HOPE, DIGNITY, and COMMUNITY.

Community – Community is a core value that binds and uplifts citizens, fostering mutual assistance in times of need. The charity thrives on community support, distributing clothing contributions to those in greatest need.

Dignity – Dignity is upheld through the demonstration of respect, embodying the principle of honouring everyone equally. This commitment to respect involves understanding and addressing the unique needs of others.

Hope – Our programs give beneficiaries the hope needed to succeed in their goals. This commitment to instilling hope reflects CCA’s dedication to making a positive impact on the lives of those in need.

Community Clothing Assistance has four main programs: the UNDERCOVER PROJECT, The Clothing REFERRAL Program, The Affordable Clothing Program, and the Hands-On Work Program.

The Undercover Project stands as a cornerstone of Community Clothing Assistance’s commitment to uplifting those in need. This integral initiative is
dedicated to providing NEW socks and underwear to children aged 4-14, fostering a sense of dignity, confidence, and inclusion. In 2019, the Undercover Project reached a significant milestone, offering a seven-day supply of NEW socks and underwear to over 1,000 local children facing economic challenges. Over the past 15 years, this impactful program has touched the lives of many children, emphasizing the importance of essentials for their well-being. By focusing on the fundamentals, the Undercover Project aims to eliminate barriers and empower young minds to engage fully in their daily lives. The ongoing commitment to this initiative reflects not only a dedication to meet immediate needs but also a belief in the potential of every child to thrive when provided with essential elements for a healthy and confident start in life. The Undercover Project continues to be a beacon of hope, ensuring that no child in our community goes without these fundamental necessities.

The charity accepts monetary and in-kind donations annually to make the UNDERCOVER Project successful. Partnering with local organizations, businesses, donors, and volunteers encourages the community’s collective impact. Year-round monetary donations are always welcome to support this vital children’s program.

The charity’s website,, has more information about its programs and how you can get involved.

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