CORMII Community Development Corporation

Location: Reidsville,
North Carolina

We were established as an 501c3 organization in March of 2019 with a goal of impacting our community by filling in the gap concerning food insecurity and to help with emergencies at hand.

OUR MISSION is to help the communities we serve by providing food, clothing, shelter and housing.

OUR VISION is to give families and individuals hope for the future and build generations to come in a growing global community.

OUR PURPOSE is having an organization formed exclusively to meet the needs of citizens of Rockingham County, NC in the areas of education, health, and general well-being.

We currently operate a food pantry where we distribute food, resources and essential items every Thursday. We also take emergency calls for assistance and we are currently assisting Seniors and the homeless within our community and surrounding areas. Once a month we do a big countywide giveaway of food and other items to those need.

Like always, seeing a future bright for people in the community is of utmost value!


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