DeafBlind Ontario Foundation

Location: Newmarket,

DeafBlind Ontario Foundation raises funds for DeafBlind Ontario Services for programs that support the individuals they serve. DeafBlind Ontario Services provides an array of services to people who are Deaf, hard of hearing, non-verbal and deafblind customized to each individual’s unique needs, method of communication, and goals to enrich their life. Supported living homes provide accessible, barrier-free, affordable housing and access to support services 24/7.

We support 80 individuals in 25 supported living homes across the province, operating in the regions of Simcoe, York, London, Kitchener-Waterloo, Ottawa, Sudbury, Durham and Peterborough. Our homes are designed to support the unique needs of individuals with sensory loss as well as encourage the development of life and vocational skills along with recreational opportunities. With ongoing health and safety measures still in place due to events of the last year and a half, we want to make the holidays festive, happy and full of good cheer for the people we serve. Your support can help us do this!

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