Directions Youth Services

Location: Vancouver,

Directions Youth Services, a division of Family Services of Greater Vancouver, is a collection of programs for youth who experience homelessness or youth who are precariously housed. Services are designed to assist youth in taking the next steps with their life-be it to return to their home or home communities or to seek and secure affordable housing. Additionally, Directions programs can support youth to develop their skills to support employment goals, health care goals or other stabilization goals. Our specific programs include:
Directions Youth Services Centre is a 24/7, 365 day/year drop in centre offering a broad range of essential resources, responses and supports. The centre addresses issues of homelessness, addictions, mental and primary health, life skills, employment and education through site based programs and outreach. The Centre operates a pre-employment program that allows youth to earn money while developing work skills and runs arts and media programming that allows young people to express themselves, feel empowered and better identify their unique needs and interests.

Directions Youth Services Centre also helps meet many immediate daily needs, such as hot meals, showers, laundry facilities and a 12 mat temporary winter shelter. In order to maintain a low barrier and accessible program, locker space and pet kennels are available for youth while accessing the services within the centre.
Directions Youth Detox provides 10 supervised and medically supported residential withdrawal management beds for youth aged 13 to 24. Services include pre-detox assessments, crisis intervention, assistance in setting up home detox services, stabilization, harm reduction strategies, relapse prevention counselling, individualized service plans, and referrals to post-detox services.

Directions Youth Safehouse is a first stage emergency shelter to assist youth aged 16 to 18 to return to family/extended family and/or access needed transitional supports to independence. Youth receive individualized service plans and the support to help them achieve their goals.
Directions Youth Haven offers low barrier emergency housing to youth aged 16-19 who need a safe place to stay who are not connecting with other services. Youth receive non-judgmental support, as well as access to onsite primary care, counselling, individualized service plans to connect youth with longer term supports as needed. The length of stay can range from a few days to a month depending on youth needs.

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