Dundas Community Services

Location: Dundas,

Dundas Community Services (Est. 1972) is a not-for-profit, registered charity that provides vital programs and services to assist seniors to live a healthy life and age at home with important supportive services.  Our programs include Meals on Wheels, Volunteer Assisted Transportation, Caregiver Support program, community education programs on various topics, Friendly Calling and Friendly Visiting.  Our organization is also the local source in the community for information, local tourism and we provide information, assistance and system navigation for numerous topics including supportive in-home services, government documents (e.g. ODSP applications), long-term care and affordable housing housing applications. Each year, our organization coordinates the annual Dundas Community Food Drive and the annual Seniors Fair as important outreach programs and we are the local source for volunteer opportunities in the Dundas area.

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