ENSEMBLE Services Greater-Grand Moncton

Location: Moncton,
New Brunswick

Our Mission: Alleviating complex social challenges

Our Vision: Through empowerment and hope, build a community that fosters diversity, inclusion and health.

Our Values Statement: ENSEMBLE Services Greater-Grand Moncton firmly believes in: 1. Quality of life for the persons infected and affected by HIV/AIDS; 2. The provision of services respectful of clients’ identified needs; 3. The respect of human beings regardless of age, race, religion, gender, sexual orientation or socio-economic status; 4. A competent and dynamic leadership focused on a clear direction for the organization; 5. Interpersonal communication and teamwork based on mutual respect, confidentiality, trust, openness, integrity and loyalty; 6. Being accountable for its mission; 7. Managing resources effectively and efficiently by respecting established priorities.

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