Fort York Food Bank (FYFB)

Location: Toronto,

FYFB’s Food Program provides low-income individuals and families living in our community with a three-day supply of groceries. FYFB is a member agency of the Daily Bread Food Bank and our assigned service area covers the Westside of downtown Toronto, from Yonge to Dovercourt, Lake Ontario to Bloor.

Many low-income individuals and families struggle to receive adequate nourishment. Working with registered dietitians, FYFB’s Food Program provides grocery baskets (hampers) that are consistent with the Canada Food Guide. Our hampers consist of basic staples such as rice, pasta, beans, fresh produce and dairy.

Consistent with our values of dignity and respect, FYFB offers our clients a grocery store approach in filling their own hampers. With the help of volunteers trained in our nutrition program, clients select grocery items from the main food groups. This grocery store approach is hailed as a best practice as it empowers clients to make a decision based on their individual tastes. The grocery store approach also demonstrates accountability to our donors, as it ensures that food is distributed based on our client’s needs.

Before clients embark on their FYFB grocery shop, volunteer counsellors conduct brief interviews to build a trusting relationship, better understand why each client has come to FYFB and gather information on their background to determine other FYFB programs they may benefit from. In many cases, the counsellor will provide information or refer clients to programs that can help them address the underlying issues leading to hunger and homelessness.

By treating people with dignity and respect, and addressing the underlying issues of hunger, FYFB is working to create a strong community where everyone is welcome.

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