Fred Victor – Women’s 24/7 Drop-in Program

Location: Toronto,

Victor’s 24/7 Drop-in for women located in the Adelaide Resource Centre offers a warm, safe and welcoming space with access to health services on site.

Open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, staff welcome all women who come through the doors. The space makes available necessities such as food, rest, clothing, toiletries and hygiene products, and other items. For a lot of the women who use the program, it is their only way to connect with other women and access services that uniquely meet their needs.

– find information about other Fred Victor programs

– get referrals to doctors, dentists, legal aid and other services

– participate in exercise, arts and crafts and other social recreational programming

– access seniors services

– use laundry and shower facilities

– go on the occasional organized trip or outing

Host a Kit Pack

Kit Packing

Most Needed Kits for Fred Victor – Women’s 24/7 Drop-in Program

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