Girl Up City of Toronto

Location: Toronto,

Our Mission
Girl Up is a United Nations Foundation campaign- a movement to advance girls’ skills, rights, and opportunities to be a leader. Girl Up Clubs are formed by groups of dedicated youth who have joined together to take action and change lives.

Girl Up City of Toronto (GU TO) is a local chapter of Girl Up’s campaign with the mission of supporting and empowering womxn, both locally and globally. We aim to start the conversation within the Toronto community, with people of all genders. Further, we plan to do so through advocacy, fundraising, education, and service.

Our Upcoming Initiative
Across the world, inadequate access to menstrual hygiene items remains a prominent women’s health issue. “Globally, a minimum of 500 million women experience period poverty, every month”; and, in Canada, “one quarter of… women have experienced inadequate access” to essential menstrual health items (Randolph, 2020; Loblaws, 2020). One country that remains particularly affected by menstrual health inequity is Jamaica, in which “40% of [public school] students… are affected by period poverty” (Her Flow Foundation, n.d.).

In May 2021, GU TO will be introducing our annual menstrual equity initiative, ‘Point Blank Period’, which aims to provide marginalized menstruators with access to free period products.

In partnership with both local and global charities, GU TO hopes to provide recipients with comprehensive menstrual health packages, such that they can manage their periods healthily and without shame. With your support, we hope to provide recipients with access to free menstrual products, sanitation items, pain relief supports, and self-care essentials.

Additionally, we are hoping to accept any feminine hygiene or period kits as donations.

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