Homeless Connect Toronto

Location: Toronto,

Homeless Connect TO (HCT) coordinates one-stop-shop events to connect individuals impacted by homelessness to dignifying supports and services needed to end homelessness in their lives.

Since 2013, Homeless Connect Toronto coordinates “one-stop-shop” events for individuals at risk of and experiencing homelessness in Toronto. It is based upon a successful initiative, Project Homeless Connect, which started in San Francisco in 1998 and has since been implemented by 221 communities in North America. Our events bring together essential resources on housing, employment, ID clinics, health care, and other services under one roof for those at risk of or experiencing homelessness in Toronto. Service providers deliver as many of their services as they can on-site, minimizing the need for referral or follow-up. As a volunteer and service-run event, people from various sectors participate and actively engage in being a part of the solution to overcome homelessness in our city.

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