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Location: Ephrata,

The JB Foundation is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization, organized in the United States, created in January 2018 with the purpose of offering social assistance to vulnerable communities in Lancaster United States and the Dominican Republic.

The President, Mrs. Judith Bohler, has traveled for over 16 years to the Dominican Republic, working with the Bernardine Franciscan Sisters in Los Tres Brazos in missionary activities. Through her years of missionary work, Mrs. Bohler developed a love for the Dominican people. In 2018 she decided to create her own foundation and increase the number of mission programs in the Dominican Republic.

Based on Catholic Social Teaching and the Franciscan Charism, we believe in the dignity of the human person and that we are still capable of forming sensitive human beings to the problems of others, supported by community groups, churches, schools, and universities who will serve as missionaries in the development of social outreach activities. Awakening in our volunteers the ability to love, by offering them the opportunity to experience life in the moment with those in indigent circumstances, not only the material, but to extend the feeling of affection and compassion to those deprived of decent human kindness. Our goal is to create a more sensitive person in the face of pressing social justice issues.

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