JC’s Place Ministries

Location: Smithville,

Dear Donor we would like to ask you donate items to the unsheltered on the streets of Niagara Falls, Through JC’s Place Ministries.

  1. Gloves are #1 asked for item Good Waterproof Winter wear. They accept mittens but when they get wet they have no method of drying them
  1. Winter Coats #2 good all weather coats
  1. Socks are #3 and in high demand
  1. Blankets & Comforters #4 usually small single bed style that they can carry but we also give out king size
  1. Sweat Shirts and Pants #5 hoodies are especially treasures to stop the wind on the neck
  1. Sleeping Bags #6, during fall and spring when they are actually sleeping on the streets and the warming shelters have all shut down.
  1. Winter Boots #7 we just are unable to get enough to keep everyone’s feet dry and warm
  1. Running Shoes #8 9-13 needed now but all sizes are accepted 
  1. Pants #9 Men’s 26-32 size Ladies small medium 
  1. Underwear #10  Men’s and Ladies S M L 

We appreciate your donation support.

We thank you in advance for your support, Our Mission is to “Lend a Helping Hand”

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