Location: Toronto,

Margaret’s mission is to provide a continuum of safe supportive housing for women with mental health challenges, and an array of innovative community-based programming available to both women and men, empowering them to build and reclaim their lives. Our programs contribute to reducing poverty and homelessness throughout the Greater Toronto Area.

Margaret’s vision is to empower individuals of varying mental abilities living and thriving in the community, and a society where women and men in need have access to safe, supportive, and stable environments through a holistic model that provides safety, respect, stability, and hope.

Our clients have a wide variety of psychiatric diagnoses and require intensive support to live in the community.  Our approach is to assist clients to live in an all-female environment and help them to cope with issues regarding safety and cope with past abuse. Having a welcoming, warm, caring attitude and space puts the women and men that access our drop-in and other community-based services at ease allowing them to focus on making connections, self-care, and improving their lives.

Margaret’s believes in empowerment, respect, compassion, innovation, cultural competency and ultimately recovery. Our services are client-centred and anti-oppressive in practice.

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