Maria Luisa de Moreno International Foundation

Location: Quebec,

We are a registered charity in Canada with experience in benefiting vulnerable communities through the execution of human development programs, having as our model: “Educating with values, a hope in the world’s progress,” a model created by our founder, Dr. Maria Luisa Piraquive.

Our foundation is characterized by the social commitment of its volunteers and the values taught in each program and service that we offer. In Canada, we count on 400 volunteers who donate their time and their heart in order to give a helping hand and to bring smiles and love to people in need. The Foundation does not currently have any government grants and its sources of income come from corporate and personal donations. For these reasons, all the work is done voluntarily and we do not have any employees or paid persons within our organization. What motivates us as a foundation is each volunteer’s desire to serve the people in need and to improve the conditions of our communities.

Thereby, in order to benefit more people, we would like to ask for your help and support in our annual celebration of the event, “One Day for Kids 2021”, that the foundation has been celebrating for more than 9 years. For example, in 2018 we benefited 298 children and in 2019 520 children in Montreal.

Due to the pandemic restrictions, where massive social gatherings are not allowed, our event cannot be held as we used to do it (animation, values teaching through recreational activities, snacks and gifts). However, the Foundation wishes to give school supplies to low income families with children living in some of the most disadvantaged sectors of Montreal. For this year, our goal is to deliver 300 school kits.

Thank you for allowing us to register in your donations program. This is a great opportunity for us to achieve our goal and to get new connections that share our mission.
Thanks for your generous support.

If you require further information or if you would like to discuss how we can work together, please do not hesitate to contact us!

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