Millennium Child Support Group

Location: Ghana,
West Africa

We are dedicated to delivering humanitarian assistance in the deprived communities to provide food for vulnerable children and drilling potable drinking water for the three northern communities in Ghana.

Improve health and reduce poverty levels in Ghana by constructing 6 hand-dug wells fitted with pumps to provide clean drinking water for Dorimon, Pusie and Busa communities in the Upper West of the Republic of Ghana.
The main problem of the identified project communities is the poor health of the people. In the absence of potable water supply and sanitation facilities in the project communities, the rate of death associated with the ten most common diseases, which are preventable, has increased steadily in the last five years. The infant mortality rate is presently high.
The project would support school feeding programs to fight malnutrition by ensuring children get a nutritious daily breakfast so they can start the day well-fed and ready to learn.

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