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Our programs teach kids from low-income, Toronto neighbourhoods the 21st Century skills they need to be outstanding leaders & engaged citizens. We believe in the importance of developing new skills and providing a safe place to practice those skills. At Moorelands Kids, we know that if kids do not feel safe and supported, they will not branch out and try new things; they will miss out on learning opportunities completely and lose out on gaining vital skills that drive their development.


LED (Lead, Excel, Demonstrate) is an after-school leadership program with 75 spaces/semester (150 per year) for youth in grades 6 – 8.

LED at Valley Park Middle School, Humber Summit Middle School and Gulfstream PS, helps youth develop their leadership and life-skills through fun, hands-on experiences. Participants choose either a first semester or second semester 9-session program. The elements of effective leadership are explored and practiced through varied activities, including planning & implementation workshops; communication & team building games; and the hands-on leading of group activities.

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