MMCC’s Department of Workforce Development and Continuing Education has been dedicated to serving young adults (ages 17-24) through a variety of programs. Our goal is to assist our young people in succeeding in the workforce and encouraging post-secondary education to ensure a self-sufficient, independent future for themselves and their families. However, in order to ensure that our students are accomplishing their career and educational goals; they must practice good hygiene. Unfortunately, many of our young adults live below the poverty level, and/or are unemployed. They aren’t able to afford hygiene products that will help them secure training opportunities or employment. As you know, good grooming is an indication to the interviewer that you pay attention to detail, and that you take care of yourself. If some of our students aren’t getting opportunities because of poor hygiene; that is inexcusable. We at MMCC, are determined, and dedicated for our young adults to succeed, and become productive members of society. That being said, we are hoping that Kits for a Cause is able to help the Workforce Development and Continuing Education Department at MMCC with hygiene donations to help our young adults. Your donations, assistance, and generosity will be appreciated, immensely. Because, we believe, that a low socioeconomic status, and lack of hygiene products should never stop an individual from achieving their goals.

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