Oakville Parent-Child Centre

Location: Oakville,

In 1980 a group of young moms recognized that Oakville needed a place where parents could meet friends, share their stories, and learn more about parenting. A place that was healthy, safe and offered quality activities and programs for young children. This group of volunteer parents created a special place and called it Oakville Parent-Child Centre (OPCC).

OPCC’s mission is to support, nurture and empower children and their families as they learn and grow together! This is reflected in the commitment we make to our families, in our daily activities and interactions, and in the value we place on early childhood development. We hope to see you at one of our centres soon.

Oakville Parent-Child Centre is governed by a local volunteer Board of Directors. The role of the Board of Directors is to develop and monitor governing policies, review financial performance and monitor Executive Director performance against stated targets. The Board of Directors also sets the strategic plan for the organization.

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