Out of the Cold – All Saints Kingsway Anglican Church

Location: Etobicoke,

Our Volunteers: The Out of the Cold Program is run by volunteers. The volunteers come from many churches here in Etobicoke and from the community at large. A number of local churches, businesses and private individuals donate funds and goods to help operate the program.

If you are interested in volunteering for the Out of the Cold Program please contact the coordinator through the church office at 416-233-1125. or by email at [email protected]


Out of the Cold at All Saints Kingsway is very thankful for the support it has received over the years through the generous donations from so many individuals, churches, organizations, businesses and merchants. A special thank you to the Kingsway Business Improvement Association who is one of our biggest supporters.

Our History: Out of the Cold has operated at All Saints Kingsway since 1996. The program runs on Friday evenings from November to April. In its early years, the program provided beds, food and support for 20 homeless men each week. Over the years the numbers have increased. We now feed an additional 70 to 90 men, women and children. This past year we averaged 107 guests each week.

Out of the Cold offers a safe place to sleep, a warm meal and so much more.

We Provide:

  • dinner, breakfast, packed lunch and subway tokens
  • weekly distribution of new T-shirts, underclothes and socks
  • limited distribution of coats, hats, scarves, gloves and shoes to our neediest guests.
  • access to a Parish Nurse to provide health assessment and counselling, including foot care.
  • shower and laundry – access to showers and laundry for clothing for our overnight guests
  • opportunity to socialize: many of our guests are lonely and isolated and are dealing with personal challenges. Out of the Cold program offers weekly movies, live music during dinner, a computer to check e-mail and do work, and the opportunity to chat with friends or volunteers.
  • An extraordinary Art Program is offered at OOTC.

Elisabeth Gibson founded the art program @ OOTC Kingsway in 2000. Through the years the program has taken a life of its own. Guests produce incredible pieces during the season. Each year, All Saints OOTC holds an art show and sale of selected works with proceeds going directly to the artist.

Sadly Elizabeth passed away in March 2016. Her vision continues to inspire the guests. She knew nothing of art therapy but she did know that drawing and painting “releases something in you: it’s like singing”.

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