Sanctuary Ministries of Toronto

Location: Toronto,

We are becoming a healthy, welcoming community in which people who are poor and excluded are particularly valued.

Sanctuary is a church and a community. Some of us are homeless and some of us are housed. Some of us are sober and some of us use substances. Some of us have plenty of privilege and comfort and some of us have almost none. Guided by the Gospel, we consider people who are poor and excluded to be the heart and center of our community.  Together, we strive to offer the love, dignity, stability and resources that all of us need to flourish. To this end, we undertake many life-giving initiatives including running community meals, street outreach, a health clinic, an arts program and Sunday services.

The most important thing we do is spend our lives together: from doctor’s appointments to birthday parties; from evictions to finding a home; from jail visits to family visits; from mourning death, violence, and loss, to celebrating life and reconciled relationships. All are welcome here.


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