Shepherd Group Non-Profit Homes

Location: Toronto,

GSNPH is a not-for-profit supportive housing agency that provides safe and affordable housing to individuals living with mental health and substance use challenges. We currently provide housing to approximately 294 adults, and 37 children. In addition to the accommodations, all of the clients are provided with a support worker that provides mental and emotional support and advocates for them when needed.
As an agency that provides supportive housing, we also strive to provide a higher quality of life for those we serve. We accomplish this by providing opportunities for our clients to engage in a variety of life experiences whenever possible. Throughout the year we offer social activities on a monthly basis. Some activities include (but are not limited to) 10-pin bowling, admission to the Royal Ontario Museum, summer barbeques and admission to the Toronto Zoo.
The Christmas holiday season is often a very busy and joyful time for many people. Unfortunately, for many of our clients, this season is also a source of stress, loneliness and sadness. The staff at Good Shepherd Non-Profit Homes invest considerable time and effort into creating a Christmas experience for all of our clients, so that they may have positive experiences and memories for the years to come. Every year in December we provide a Christmas Party for all of our tenants including gifts and raffle prizes.

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