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SORCe is a multi-agency collaborative that connects people experiencing or at risk of homelessness, to programs and services that can help to address the barriers to stable housing.  As a non-profit, SORCe operates primarily through in kind contributions from the agencies participating in the collaborative, along with an annual operating grant for office supplies. 

 SORCe is not itself an agency, but rather a multi-agency collaborative. Working out of a single location, agencies work together to connect individuals and families experiencing or facing homelessness with programs and services that can assist them.  By bringing together multiple agencies and programs in a single location, SORCe strives to connect each client to all necessary programs and services to address the individual and complex needs of each client (or family) that comes in the door.

At SORCe, clients can receive some food, water, and basic needs items such as clothing. underwear, hygiene products, winter/summer supplies such as blankets, jackets and sleeping bags, and more. On a typical week we serve around 1,140 individual (or more) with resources and basic needs items.

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