Students Against Period Poverty Cupertino

Location: Santa Clara,

We are a student-led nonprofit organization fighting against period poverty. Period poverty refers to the lack of access to not only period products and menstrual hygiene education but also to a lack of access to basic sanitation services or hygiene products. Therefore, we strive to make period products and hygiene products readily accessible to those in need in our community and beyond.

It all started with a question: how do menstruators who are struggling financially deal with their periods? Those without access to the “luxury items” that are essential sanitary products are often forced to resort to using toilet paper, reused cloth, or washing their undergarments by hand to manage their menstrual cycle.

After noticing the effects of period poverty and stigma in our own community, our circle of friends got together to create a community-based solution. Founded in 2020 during the COVID-19 pandemic, we are an emboldened group of students dedicated to making menstrual products readily available for anyone who needs them.

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