The BRO Experience Foundation

Location: Brooklyn,
New York
A bit about us: The B.R.O. Experience was founded in 2020 to serve young men of color in NYC who face the overlapping challenges of economic marginalization, violence, inhumane policing, and disconnection from school, community, and family. We use the tools of social-emotional and cognitive-behavioral education to build foundational character traits that support young men’s prospects in school, work, family, and community.
We run programming in our BRO Space community center (7 Marcus Garvey Blvd), in Brooklyn Public Schools, and via partnerships with agencies and nonprofits. We serve children (3rth and 4th graders via our Little BRO Summer Camp) as well as teens and fathers. We work with men 18-24 that are seeking job employment training and are often in need of these basic amenities that you provide.
We are a black-founded and black-led org with a unique approach to serving our city’s hard to reach black boys. We recently received a generous grant from The Pinkerton Foundation, and are looking to expand our donor relationships and abilities to service in 2024.
We thank you in advance for the time and consideration. We hope we are a good candidate.
Kind regards,
Brian Equinda

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