The Jean Tweed Centre

Location: Toronto,

The Jean Tweed Centre is a leading not-for-profit, community-based organization that provides a supportive environment for over 1,700 women and their families each year. We offer comprehensive programs that include community-based and therapeutic counselling, trauma and violence support programs, withdrawal  management support services, residential treatment, and transitional housing for women and children. Recognizing the diversity of women’s experience in today’s society, our programs seek to address a range of issues in a woman’s life.

Jean Tweed also has an on-site child development centre for children aged 0 to 13 so that we can help reduce childcare barriers for women receiving our services. We offer direct support for women and their families through parenting workshops and support for pregnant and parenting women with children aged 0-6. Residential services are available along with outpatient services and individual and group counselling support.

Over the past 40 years, the Jean Tweed Centre has provided support, services and a safe place for those who need it most. By helping women to build the life skills and healthy habits to address and overcome these challenges, we give them a fresh start towards a better future.

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