We are to see that everyone thrives in a strong, healthy way, through inclusion, advocacy, empowerment, excellent service and supplying the needed goods or services that they are lacking.

Our commitment is to the most vulnerable. Those who are in need of special care, support, or protection because of age, income level, disability, mental health issues, PTSD or risk of abuse or neglect.

We at the Mary Rose Schmuland Foundation seek to fill 200 Christmas Stockings for Veterans and their wives living in a veterans care home this Christmas. The following are some of the items needed to fill the Christmas stockings; Shampoo, Conditioner, deodorant, soap, razors (women’s and men’s), Shaving gel (women’s and men’s), hair brushes, Denture adhesive and cleaner, toothpaste and toothbrushes, Large print puzzle books and small Christmas gifts.

We at The Mary Rose Schmuland Foundation wish to extend our thanks for all the help you can give.

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Suggested Kits


Hygiene Kit


Feminine Hygiene Empowerment Kit


Holiday Gift Kit


Patient Care Kit


Senior’s Shelter Kit

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