The Native Women’s Resource Centre of Toronto (NWRCT)

Location: Toronto,

The Native Women’s Resource Centre of Toronto (NWRCT) began when a dedicated group of Aboriginal women recognized the need for a gathering place n Toronto where Aboriginal women could share resources, support one another, and practice their traditional ways. In 1985, this vision resulted in the downtown basement office that affectionately became known as “The Pit”.
Today, the Native Women’s Resource Centre of Toronto provides a safe and welcoming environment for all Aboriginal women and their children in the Greater Toronto Area. Our programs fall under six broad categories: Housing, Families, Advocacy, Employment, Education, and Youth. We also host a variety of Cultural Activities fir our clients and the general public including the annual Minaake Awards, Sisters in Spirit Vigil, and Winter Solstice.
The NWRCT is a registered charity funded by government programs as well as public and private donations.
We honour the vision of our founders as we support urban Aboriginal women and children from all walks of life. We build self-sufficiency and develop collective capacity to make positive change. We provide individual support, group programming, and cultural initiatives.

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