The S.I.G.N. Foundation

Location: Winnipeg,

The S.I.G.N. Foundation is currently running a soup kitchen in Winnipeg’s Core area to address the need for meals for the homeless and families in need. When the Foundation moved to Winnipeg, they identified a need for a soup kitchen that offered meals to be distributed via the current groups who already work with the Winnipeg homeless, as most of the soup kitchens serve directly. CMWI also identified a need for a Halal kitchen, through one-on-one consultations with their clients, to address the needs of low-income newcomer families. A Halal Kitchen serves food that has been blessed in the slaughter process of the meat as is required in the Muslim faith. However, the soup kitchen is open to the public for anyone who needs it and offers healthy, nutritious meals. Through their soup kitchen, we will also offer recipes, cooking classes and physical education.

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