Treasures 4 Teachers

Location: Tempe,

Treasures 4 Teachers has been an educational resource hub in Tempe, Arizona since 2003. Our mission provides educational supplies to teachers and students from the community’s reusable resources. Through a resource store in Tempe and West Phoenix, along with our mobile program T4T on Wheels, we serve 8,000 teachers and 250,000 students annually.

Treasures for Teachers’ programs aim to:

    Alleviate the financial burden teachers face when outfitting their classrooms and providing supplies and other necessary items for their students.

    Improve the learning environment for Arizona students whose districts cannot provide them with sufficient tools to succeed in the classroom.

    Promote reuse and recycling by offering creative ideas for using recycled materials to demonstrate educational concepts as well as pre-made educational kits using recycled items.

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