Turning Points Collaborative Society

Location: Vernon,
British Columbia

Turning Points Collaborative Society (TPCS) provides a continuum of care for our community members experiencing vulnerability and marginalization. Our continuum of care consists of outreach, shelter, housing (subsidized, supportive, and affordable), addictions recovery, and employment. We believe in the inherent dignity of the people we serve and seek to support them as the experts in their own lives. TPCS operates 26 sites and 10 programs throughout the Okanagan, providing 594 units of housing, 200+ employment opportunities, and supporting thousands of community members annually.   

Our team is composed of highly qualified, trained, and experienced community support workers, outreach workers, residence workers, social workers, licensed practical nurses, site managers, program and case managers, administration, maintenance, cooks, and peer support workers. 

Our Mission is to achieve safe and sustainable housing in our communities by providing a continuum of housing, promoting health, and offering community outreach, employment and addiction services.  

Our vision is building community and strengthening people.  


TPCS is interested in developing harm-reduction kits for our workforce comprising over 207 employees. We possess essential components such as naloxone, oxygen masks, and harm reduction supplies. However, we require fanny packs to enhance the preparedness of our team in the event of a hazardous drug supply.

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Most Needed Kits for Turning Points Collaborative Society

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