Location: Bronx,
New York

Our mission is to reduce hunger, malnutrition, and poverty, through the distribution of essential goods to the poor and vulnerable, while offering education and training that lead to sustainable financial independence, self-sufficiency, and improved self-esteem.

We seek to accomplish our mission domestically in Bronx, NY, and internationally in the West African nations of Nigeria and Ghana.
Working with community and government agencies through community-based projects/outreach to eliminate the disparity in access to basic needs to vulnerable families by:

Collection and re-distribution of everyday household essentials and variety of goods, highly needed items such as personal care products, basic living needs, clothes, boots, gloves, books, computers, educational games/materials, soccer/ basket balls and equipment, athletic shoes and gear, school backpacks, writing and colouring materials, multivitamins, diapers, bibles, toys, SMART Board interactive whiteboard, and science equipment for children in need to ensure a physically and emotionally healthy development.

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