Visible Minority Re-Settlement & Training Network (VMRTN)

Location: Oakville,

VMRTN is an integrated community development and media network set up to cater to the needs of the ever-growing visible minority community in Canada in a culturally sensitive and language-specific manner. Our activities target all segments of the population in all age groups and gender segments.

Our media activities include a weekly radio program in the Yoruba language on CHIN Radio station in Toronto, an online TV and radio station and an online community newspaper.

The aim is to cater to the communication and developmental needs of the nation’s ever-growing visible minority groups in a unique, all-purpose setting, along the way helping to fill the communication gaps among the sundry communities.

Research has shown that the mainstream media are not doing justice to the needs of these groups, thereby leading to a lack of understanding between these groups and the mainstream population, and even among the communities themselves.

Furthermore, there is a need to give our native languages a pride of place in the community while helping our younger ones, especially foreign-born, to imbibe the richness, history and value in our languages and cultures.

To this effect, we particularly aim to use the broadcast media of radio and television to further project the following social and capacity-building activities that form part of our mandate: Senior and Elderly services; Newcomer Referral and Information; Supportive and Peer Counseling; Age/ Sex-appropriate social programs; Drugs/ HIV / AIDS programs; Environmental Awareness; After-school program for kids; Crime Prevention; Single Mothers; etc.

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