Waterfront Neighbourhood Centre

Location: Toronto,

Waterfront Neighbourhood Centre (WNC) is a non-profit neighbourhood centre that began serving its waterfront community in 1991. Located along Toronto’s unique waterfront (adjacent to the Canada Malting silos and across from Little Norway Park), WNC is at the heart of the thriving Bathurst Quay Neighbourhood. Our 44,950 sq.ft. community hub offers a safe and supportive environment for our diverse, multicultural neighbourhood. WNC works closely with community members to improve the quality of life for those living along Toronto’s waterfront. WNC annually offers 540+ programs (health & wellness, visual arts, music, organic gardening, sports/recreation, intergenerational, community outreach, emergency support) and responds to the particular needs of vulnerable children, at-risk youth and isolated adults by promoting healthy living, reducing the effects of social barriers/isolation, providing skill-building opportunities and encouraging community engagement. WNC is supported by a volunteer board of dedicated community members and is partially funded by the City of Toronto (administrative staffing and building related costs only). WNC has 3223 members representing 5 TCHC local residences, CityPlace, co-operatives and condominium dwellings. We rely on donations from community-minded individuals, foundations and corporations to fund 100% of the programs and services that we offer. We believe that communities remain strong when everyone works together!

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