Windsor-Essex Children’s Aid Society

We are a non-profit child welfare agency located in Windsor, Ontario. Our Holiday Program serves to bring holiday cheer to families in need. Over 860 families that the Windsor-Essex Children’s Aid Society provides services to are supported with clothing, gift cards, toys and personal items. Without the generosity of the community, many of these families would have little to celebrate.

Our agency also provides ongoing services and support to youth 16-21 years old who live independently and have minimal financial support. These youth would greatly benefit from any assistance, especially the hygiene kits.

A Children’s Aid Society (CAS) works in each community to provide help & support to children and their families. It is mandated to uphold Child, Youth & Family Services Act, 2017 (CYFSA) and is funded through the Ontario Ministry of Children, Community and Social Services.  The Windsor-Essex Children’s Aid Society is responsible for investigating all allegations of child abuse, including neglect, while also providing protection services to children, youth and their families residing in Essex.  County

The Windsor-Essex Children’s Aid Society is operated by a Board of Directors who support the mission and objectives of the Society and who are dedicated to advocating for quality services for children and families. Board members have a specific interest in the welfare of children and offer individual skills to assist in running the agency.  This agency has been in existence since 1899 and is dedicated to strengthening the family unit.

The Windsor-Essex Children’s Aid Society has a dedicated team of staff with diverse backgrounds and skills.  In addition to staff, we also rely on the support of our foster homes and volunteers.  This unique group of individuals provides support in all areas of the Society’s work and assists with direct service to children & families.

How Do Children Come into Care?

Children are admitted to care through two methods; either through a voluntary agreement, such as a temporary care agreement with the Society or by a court order.

Most Needed Kits for Windsor-Essex Children’s Aid Society

Period Kit
Hygiene Kit
Holiday Gift Kit

Host a Kit Pack

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