Women’s Centre of Calgary

Location: Calgary,

The Women’s Centre of Calgary is a safe space for women in Calgary to get assistance, connect with others, and work for change. We believe in the potential of every woman and that women are strong and capable. We know that barriers in society often prevent women from living a dignified life. Our trust based work is supported by over 200 volunteers and is based on the philosophy of women supporting women.

Our mission is to be every woman’s place for support and connections and community. While the Women’s Centre is open to all women, the majority of them report that they belong to one or more marginalized group, making them more likely to face social isolation and inequity issues. Our vision is women supporting communities, communities supporting women. The work of the Women’s Centre is focused within three strategic and interconnected areas that together create the conditions for women to thrive: Basic Needs, Social Connections, and Working for Change.

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