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Youth Now on Track (YNOT) is a non-profit community based organization dedicated to giving meaning to the lives of youth (aged 12 -24 years) who have had conflicts with the law.  YNOT focuses on crime prevention and justice by providing intervention and prevention strategies, programs and services to divert youth away from the dangers of the streets and get them back on track.  We exert our effort on reintegrating youth who have been convicted of a crime into the society. YNOT provides both the prevention (for youth ages 12 – 16 years) and intervention (for youth ages 16 – 24 years) strategies to address youth violence and offer an holistic service approaches which include counseling, mediation, spiritual intervention, life skills and awareness seminars, and recreational programming to address crime prevention
YNOT provides after school support work to children ages 10-14 through our Empower Children For Greater Tomorrow (ECGT) program. empower Children for great Tomorrow understands the importance of healthy self- esteem in development of youth. Through after school skill building workshops and mentoring program, YNOT assists students with every day home work.
YNOT Summer camp  ages 6-15 -Every year YNOT support  over 60 children through our summer camp program by providing   them with the opportunity to visit important locations in the city and to support them with educational activities.  Our summer camp is very important to the parents in the community because it helps to take care of our children during summer break.
Family Day Event-  Family Day brings children from low income families together, every year over 500 families participate in this event…YNOT share with them toys and other gifts from community stake holders and companies.

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