Zone 126

Zone 126 works to support children and families from Cradle to College to Career in four high needs NYC public schools (PS 76Q PS 171Q, IS 126Q, and Long Island City High School). Each of these schools are anchored by three large public housing developments in New York City Astoria Houses, Ravenswood Houses, and Queensbridge Houses. Queensbridge Houses being the largest public housing development in the country. The median income for a family of four is a little under $16,000 for most of these families living in public housing.

Our organizations mission is to ensure every child currently living in public housing has the education and skills needed to graduate from high school prepared for college or the workforce, and enter the 21st century equipped with the tools needed to thrive.

Our organization works to bring arts, SAT, mental health counseling, yoga, after school, weekend, and summer programming to all of our school sites as these are under resourced and often forgotten schools. We serve about 3,000 students across the four schools annually by connecting students and their families to the much needed resources. Our organization utilizes a Community Schools model to also combat chronic absenteeism, and support our community from inside out.

Most Needed Kits for Zone 126

Winter Warmth Kit
Summer Kit
Period Kit
Hygiene Kit
Holiday Gift Kit
Back to School Kit

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