Employee Engagement Is Good For Business

Employee engagement corporate volunteering program

The world has come a long way from the days of 9-5 office jobs with cubicles and stiff suits. Businesses are changing their approach by emphasizing teamwork, communication, work-life balance, and most importantly engagement.

Companies aren’t just trying to mimic the aesthetic appeal of Google, instead, they are driven because giving back is good for business. Innovative and forward-thinking companies recognize that the future of a successful business lies in the dedication and engagement of their employees.

The old approach to employee engagement was to bring your team to a ropes course or a bowling alley. Bowling does not create employee retention or recruitment, nor does it make a lasting impact on your team.

We know that the best way to engage your employees is to create a hands-on, team-building experience that is meaningful and connects to the community beyond your staff’s roles.

As a new Social Enterprise, Kits for a Cause’s goal is to flip employee engagement on its head, by making it easy to give back as a team. Through our model, we are able to successfully support our non-profit partners by getting them the basic necessities that they desperately need while creating a life-changing experience for groups.

Group volunteering is brought to the next level when you are able to see and touch the direct impact you are creating in the community.

Boosting Engagement is Easy as 1-2-3

We know that 58% of employers engage in volunteerism to improve retention and recruitment statistics within their companies. They do this because they know how crucial volunteering is to the satisfaction of their employees, as well as their success. It is better for your business’s bottom line to have happy and engaged teams – while also being seen as a leader in the community.

At Kits for a Cause, we also know that millennials entering the job market, fresh with innovative ideas are looking for companies with philanthropic routes and an emphasis on engagement.

Not only that, but those pesky millennial employees, that you just can’t seem to impress, are even willing to take a lower salary in order to work at a company that aligns with their values.

50% of millennials say they would take a job with more opportunity for engagement and philanthropy over a company without any.

Employees are insisting that a corporate volunteer program exists in their workplace (yes we’re biased, but the stats prove it). A total of 74% of employees indicated that volunteerism is necessary for their workplace.

When your people are happy, their work is better – when your staff is disengaged, business suffers.

Corporate social responsibility is no longer an afterthought or just a cheque being cut, but instead now connects to the people and culture of the business. Studies show almost two-thirds of all employees are only 33% as productive as they could be because they are not invested in the interest of the company beyond their role.

The reality is that employee understanding of business strategy and how their work contributes to the company is the top driver of engagement.

With the right employee engagement, employers see 50% higher productivity rates, and 9% higher shareholder return, and engaged employees outperform disengaged employees by 20-28%.

Increased job satisfaction, reduction of turnover, decreasing onboarding costs, and increased productivity are all results of a successful staff engagement program. Team building events that are impact-driven, like a Kits event, improve inter-company communication, and relationships between employees and management.

These events contribute to a higher degree of trust between the employees and the company.

Now that you’ve read how dismal a company can be without the right employee engagement – don’t worry, we’re to help, and the good news – it’s easy to get started. Small changes can be made like an afternoon of volunteerism by packing kits.

Staff will be exposed to your company’s core values and this can make an enormous difference – instantly. It only takes a 5% increase in total employee engagement to create a 0.7% increase in the operating margin. 

In the US alone, employee disengagement is said to cost about 550 billion per year, 64% of executives say corporate engagement contributes to a company’s bottom line. A Kits packing event is nothing financially in comparison to the loss of funds as a result of poor engagement.

We know that we live in a time when social media dictates public opinion and we are in constant connection to those around us. Every move a company makes is a Google review waiting to happen or a Glassdoor profile ready to be written.

Distinguish yourself as a business that gives back and creates a unique online presence and positive marketing opportunities. 40% of a company’s image is based on its engagement and CSR. We help you every step of the way – if you need branded company gear for your volunteering event, we’ve got it!

A checklist to make sure your day will go off without a hitch – no problem! Kits for a Cause always goes the extra mile, we can even make playlist suggestions to get your group pumped!

83% of companies say they engage in volunteerism because of the effect on their public image, and 64% say that they engage in CSR because it helps meet marketing and communication objectives.

While we think that escape rooms or bubble soccer can be fun, it does not move the needle on your bottom line. Employee engagement that creates an opportunity for your staff to give back while at work, is the new way of driving profits.

Improvements to your business because of an impactful engagement program goes beyond staff morale. Communication, employee engagement, innovation, high levels of customer service, strong executive leadership, strong sales, and marketing are all factors that will be enhanced.

Boost Employee Engagement with Kits for a Cause

The impact that is created is not only championed by your team, but it will be celebrated by your customers. Let us help you reach your goals, grow your company, and make a difference. Remember, giving back is good for business.

Did you know that every Kits event receives a free case of donations from our Full Circle Donation Program?

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