Our Caregiver Kit provides basic items that help those supporting their loved ones as they go through medical treatments or rehabilitation.

Examples of items that can be included:

An activity book to stimulate the mind and pass the time in the wait room, a pen or pencil crayons, a notebook to make a note of any information needed, hand sanitizer, tissues, a reusable water bottle, earplugs, lip balm and hand lotion.

Often times patients are provided with the needed items but their loved ones who are standing by them morning, noon and night are left without basic needs. These Kits are designed to support them as they support their loved one through a trying time.

As always, our Kits are customized to best suit your budget and the charitable partner’s needs! We have thousands of options and are experts at designing the perfect group volunteering opportunity for you and your team.

Examples of Kits that have been sent in the past:

Use of Kit

Toy Drive
Gift Program
Community Program


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