New Year, New Kits!

It’s official, the holidays are behind us and it’s no longer appropriate to say Happy New Year! in your emails. While were heading into the shortest month of the year, it often feels like the longest because of the limited sunshine, lack of activity and COLD temperatures.

This past holiday season we heard from so many groups what an incredible experience they had Kit packing as a team and giving back to their local community – as well as how excited they are to do it again next year!

GOOD NEWS – you don’t have to wait until pumpkin spice lattes are being served or corny Christmas movies are on repeat, because giving back is a year-round celebration! We are sharing our top 10 ways to pack Kit packing into your annual plan. (Not that you need a reason to have a good time and help those in need.)

1. Staff Kudos
Is your kudos box empty? Celebrate your staff and remind them that they have chosen an amazing organization who cares by Packing Kits for the charity of THEIR choice.

2. Happy Anniversary, Happy Birthday, Happy day!
Company milestones, like your 10th year anniversary, should not be celebrated with just a piece of white cake and a speech from your leader – think deeper than that. Celebrate the community around you by sharing the joy and donating your “birthday presents” to those who need it most. You could even pack Birthday Kits for the local family shelter.

3. Partner Props
Another client appreciation event with only wine and cheese ain’t cutting it (see what we did there? #punny) Your clients are busy people, but even busy people want to feel like they are making an impact. Why not change it up and offer that clients can bring their families to pack Kits – you’ll be able to strengthen your relationship, and this will be one work event that won’t take them away from their family, but instead include them! Win, win.

4. A Different Holiday Season
For special holidays like Valentine’s Day, International Women’s Day, Father’s Day: You can pack Love Kits, Women’s Empowerment Kits, Men’s Shelter Kits to celebrate the holidays in a more than just chocolate way.

5. Chuck the Cheque Ceremony
Companies give back to so many incredible causes, but the only engagement their team has with the cause is clapping at the cheque presentation ceremony. Engage your team in the cause that you’re investing in, by hosting a Kit pack for the cause and presenting the cheque there!

6. A Little Team Pick Me Up
Trust falls, and bowling are so 2008 when it comes to team building. Do something with impact as an alternative to bowling, or another standard team activity – pack Kits as a team.

7. Starting it off with an Impact
Kick off events – launching a new product, new division, new location? Kick it off strong by showing the connecting to your core values and by making an impact on the community.

8. BBQits
There’s only one thing that can make sunshine, burgers and vegan dogs a bit more magical – start off your company summer BBQ with a Kit pack outside! Check out our epic outdoor Kit pack with Engage and Change here.

9. Kitspiration
Bring some excitement and inspiration to your next sales conference, or AGM.

10. Just Because
Because you are a company that cares, and you are making giving back built into your DNA.

Why Kits? Because it’s 2019 and it’s up to us to make a difference.

To learn more or take action – give us a call:

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