The Benefits of Hosting a Kit Packing Event in Your School

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Is your school looking for a way to give back and make a difference?

Planning a kit packing event may be the perfect opportunity to make an impact! With many charities and at-risk communities to support, we can help your team plan the event and select the kind of kits that will be packed.

If you’re considering planning a kit packing event for your school, group or classroom, learn more about the many benefits in this article!

Having Open and Honest Discussions

When the topic of volunteering arises with your students, it is a great opportunity to discuss the importance of giving back. Whether you choose to speak with them about at-risk individuals and communities, how to act and speak with respect, empathy and understanding, or the best ways to support and make a difference, having these open and honest discussions are so important.

Not only do these discussions spread knowledge and awareness, but they can also help to set a foundation for good morals and motivate students to continue volunteering and giving back throughout their lives.

Give Back to the Community

During a kit packing event, your group will pack essential items, products and supplies into packs that are geared toward certain individuals and groups. To learn more about our different kits, click here!

Not only will your students gain important life skills and make excellent use of their time, but they will also give back to the community. From shelters for victims of domestic violence and individuals who are homeless, to those who are navigating illness or caregivers for those who need assistance, we have many kit packing options that will allow your students to give back to their community.

For more information, contact us today or learn everything you need to know about our kits.

Strengthen Life Skills

As mentioned above, attending a kit packing event can most definitely help to build essential life skills. ‘

Team Building

Your students can learn to work as a team throughout their time spent packing kits. Side by side, they can add essential items and supplies into kits, discussing the importance of what they are doing and helping out one another along the way!

Communication and Listening

Packing kits is a great opportunity to sharpen communication and listening skills. Your students will have the opportunity to listen and follow instructions, ask questions for areas of uncertainty, and then work together as a group.

Build a Strong Foundation for Giving Back

The more your students are exposed to volunteering opportunities, the more likely they are to understand the importance. They will have an opportunity to really understand the impact that volunteering can do, creating an emotional connection that motivates them to continue this important work in the future.

As this strong foundation for giving back is built and strengthens, they will likely motivate others to also donate their free time to help make a difference for those who need it most.

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