Welcome Toronto Fire Fighter Toy Drive to the Kits for a Cause Family!

Toronto Fire Fighters Kits for a Cause

Welcome Toronto Fire Fighter Toy Drive to the Kits for a Cause Family!

These men and women save lives on a daily basis – and they still want to do more! We are honoured to support this incredible cause with Kits for a Cause.

Some History of the fire fighter Toy Drives: goes back 150 years, before towns and villages joined expanding municipalities. Back then, fire halls also served as community centres. When locals suffered a fire loss or were having trouble making ends meet, it was often at the fire hall where do-gooders met to initiate ways to help those who were down on their luck.

The fire fighter tradition of helping the needy during the holiday season took a giant leap forward when ‘Operation Christmas Tree’ was born in 1961. Santa greeted 1,200 disadvantaged children in 14 fire stations across the City of Toronto that year. It was a tremendous success, never to be forgotten by the youngsters, and a very rewarding day for fire fighters as well. It was their first venture of this kind on such a large scale.

Toronto Fire Fighter

Want to help Pack Toronto Fire Fighter Toy Drive Christmas Kits?

Are you looking for a fun and engaging group volunteer opportunity while making an impact? Help us build Toronto Fire Fighter Toy Drive Christmas Kits for those in the community who need it most. There are no limits to group sizes; whether your group is 5 or 500, you can help us, help our community! Give us a call 416-785-5655 to discuss further or email info@kitsforacause.com.

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